Used Thermwood M40 Refurbished 2007 CNC Router $30,000


Used Thermwood M40 Refurbished 2007 CNC Router $30,000

Used Thermwood CNC Router was refurbished in 2007 by Thermwood

This machine was sent back to Thermwood’s factory and completely rebuilt. (See the original quote for the work)

Thermwood 2007 M40 Refurbished


Machine Configuration:

Thermwood M40 Front 2


Work Table:
60 inch wide by 96 inch deep Mic-6 aluminum jig plate table top including ½ inch nylon standoffs and extruded skirt.
■ Vacuum – Table equipped for vacuum hold-down, includes one high flow vacuum port with four inch vacuum plumbing.
The work table has one vacuum zone with one port which is operated by one manual control valve.
■ Vacuum pump is not included

Used Thermwood C40 Side


Used Thermwood M40 5×8 ATC


Router Motor and Auto Tool Changer:

■ One 1 O½ HP, 3,000 to 24,000 RPM variable speed tool change spindle mounted to a independent
servo controlled vertical axis. Spindle will have programmable on/off and programmable spindle speed.
■ Seven position bar style tool change system, includes 7 toolholders with collets and cover-nuts.
Maximum diameter tooling is two inches.
■ Automatic Tool Length Measurement – The Automatic Tool
Length Measurement system provides an automatic method
of measuring tool length and entering tool length offset
numbers into the control system.


Thermwood Controller


Thermwood Super Controller:

Programmable and controlled three axis motion
• 1 0½ HP tool change spindle
• 7 Position bar style tool change system
• New Siemens AC Digital Servo Drive System with feed speeds to 1500 inches/minute
• New machine wiring.
• 1 0″ of vertical motion, 8″ of clearance (Vertical axis)
• Gen2 SuperControl
• Air conditioned control cabinet
• Solid-state memory and control system, fully diagnostic.
• 120 Gigabyte hard disk system for program and system storage
• 15″ LCD color monitor
• 85 key, 101 key emulation keyboard
• EIA 27 40 programming
• Network card
• DVD Writer
• Control Touch Pad
• Feed rate override
• Feed hold
• Hand Held Programming Unit
• Menu driven programming
• Laser calibration and certification
• Lead screw compensation system
• 480 Volt, 60 Hz, 3 Phase power input
• Air requirements – 100 PSI, 15 CFM
• Warranty – Thermwood’s one year limited warranty. The warranty includes one
(1) year of Virtual Service. Virtual Service provides direct, live, visual contact from the machine control to
Thermwood’s Service department. An analog, POTS-style phone line to the machine control is required.
(See detail copy of the warranty for other limitations)


Original 2007 Quote to Rebuild