Software is the 2nd Element of Successfully Implementing CNC Routers.

CAD/CAM software is made by perhaps as many as 100 suppliers. Sorting out which software is right for you depends on almost as many factors. In this section I can help you determine which software will be best for your particular application. The nesting that you see to the left is an example of plywood frame parts for upholstered furniture. You may produce office furniture, kitchen cabinets, staircases or dinning room table tops. Each will present a unique set of circumstances that may effect the type of software you require. Some software was developed with metal manufacturing in mind and then modified to work with wood, but I can tell you, cutting wood is much different than cutting steel or aluminum. Features  like nesting with common line, “head down” nesting, or tabbing are all aspects of CAD/CAM that need to be understood before making the decision of which software is best. 

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